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Will 12222 be the year of Saturn-Pluto conjunction?

Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. You can use our Chinese Farmer's Almanac calendar Tung Shing or Tung Shu to find out things suggested to do or not to do for each day, and holidays and solar terms in each month.

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Clash: Zodiac [Ox] , Direction [West]. In all my Oracles lectures this past winter, I mentioned Ryan was the man to watch as the only Aquarian of national prominence. Of the 44 presidents, more were born under the sign of Aquarius than any other. Not surprisingly, a motor-mouth Gemini. Both political conventions occur in late July when Mars is in Scorpio promising wheeling and dealing in dark rooms.

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Saudi Arabia has Pluto conjunct its Sun in , the same aspect that occurred in Syria three years ago. Right on schedule, the Saudis find themselves embroiled in an all-out confrontation with Iran over the longtime religious schism within Islam. It being India, we can assume an astrologer was consulted. All the floods, earthquakes, landslides and fires are the darker face of Uranian disruption….

As the stars predicted, the Federal Reserve finally raised interest rates. I made this prediction a year ago and will extend the prediction saying that interest rates will continue to rise through the end of It will be nice to have a better place to put money than in shoeboxes. Syria has run into its destiny which says and I reported this in my Oracles talks for both the country and the people are to disappear. What does that mean? ISIS is illusory, the epitome of virtual reality. There is no physical presence, no country, no capital, faceless leadership.

The powers-that-be are surely confused about how to respond to something they cannot see or touch. The old forms are disappearing in every arena. Anonymous may have the best chance of actually accomplishing something with their declaration of war against ISIS.

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Frankly, I trust astrology more than the news reports. More than half the year is gone, is there a chance to meet the right one and if so where, im not really a social butterfly. The FloridaManChallenge is breaking the Internet and social media. Unexpected outcomes and shocking upheavals continue through Weds. Venture capital companies are paying close attention to developers of virtual reality games and devices.

Two interesting star related news items today. I keep telling folks, someday all those kids will be connecting mind-to-mind without even realizing they no longer are using their various devices. Since all the headlines are screaming about stock market declines in China and other challenging economic news, it seems appropriate to check with the stars. Austerity has been introduced into the mix with Jupiter entering Virgo in mid-August and staying for the next 13 months. Benefits of all sorts will come from prudence and savings and avoidance of foolish extravagance.

The short-term tumult is the shift being in motion.

We face the final couple weeks of Saturn in Scorpio — cleansing all that hidden, secret karma. By mid-September, Saturn enters Sagittarius for an unbroken two year stay. Vision appears and patterns begin to emerge for addressing economic austerity with something less than panic.

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30 pm ~ David Perloff – ' Origin & application of the Sabian Symbols '/ 'The Eight Chinese New Year's Eve is on Friday, January 24, and January 25, is Karkataka / Karka Rasi (Cancer moon sign or Cancer zodiac sign) is the. Explain Chinese Zodiac Rat traits, baby personality, Rat characteristics, compatibility, This day is different from Chinese New Year Day, January 25, Grant, Samuel gardnectingchanbo.gan, David Duchovny, Sean Penn, Al Gore, Prince Charles, and Richard Nixon. . Lunar Month 3 begins from March 24, to April 22,

There is an impressive 21st century future to build and it cannot occur in a healthy fashion until all eyes are focused upwards and outwards rather than on maximizing all profits in the next 24 hours or whatever short time span you choose. Ignore the volatility. Settle in for the long term and keep your eye on the ultimate goal. For those who are Fed watchers and obsessed with interest rates — they will go up, they always do when Saturn is in Sag.

The crisis in movement of people continues as Neptune in Pisces continues to dissolve boundaries. There is no stopping the flow.

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It will keep increasing for the next decade. Even if no one is talking about it at the moment, we know the Middle East is also awash in moving populations. The judges ruled that the U. Patriot Act cannot be legitimately interpreted to permit the systematic gathering of domestic calling records. The move to virtual reality as a dominant theme of life has been a mainstay of my annual Oracles talks for more than five years. The same is true for the type of pervasive madness most recently exemplified by the German pilot who flew into a mountain.

If you like being cutting edge, my Oracles talks are available on CD. The disastrous slide at Yeager Airport in Charleston can be linked to the dramatic and explosive astrological aspect that peaks tomorrow afternoon. This cosmic event is the final of seven that have occurred since resulting in a variety of upheavals and systems being destroyed. This particular aspect is also linked to aviation issues connecting it to the Yeager slide.

The previous Saturn transit through Sagittarius saw Iran and Iraq end their war.

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Strategy in Iraq Increasingly Relies on Iran. It takes many forms. The period of confusion in this quest is almost over; the period of finding a vision that can drive a positive search is beginning as Neptune continues to move forward in Pisces. Examine your own life and find the sacred. Sometimes it hurts to be right in my predictions.

Higher demand in Asia, difficult weather in the major cocoa-producing countries in West Africa and attacks of fungus are contributing to the price increases. Mercury retrograde is really having its way with us … and more than once.

First the northeast shuts down because of a blizzard and then it turns out the blizzard is not as bad as predicted. Mercury is a scamp. It even turned on its old pal Facebook which has done much to spread the gospel of Mercury and its antics, shutting down the service for millions. Life is so much easier when you know what the trends are in advance. The warp speed of this year is showing itself in making my predictions come true almost before I make them.

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The prediction? For the next two years expect breakthrough activities related to air travel and space. Plus, there were also predictions dealing with big data and the parallel worlds of virtual and real. Oh yes, and the hero as the adventuring prophet. The shift from Saturn in Scorpio to Saturn in Sagittarius promoted me to predict a dramatic move from lie worshipping to truth seeking. Whoever imagined it would be Fox News leading the way. Now, with Saturn moved into truth-seeking and punishment-seeking Sagittarius, the disgraced General is facing FBI demands for criminal charges.

Who did that??? Stay tuned…we have months more of this. The NYT editorial board today agreed with one of my star-based predictions for What I said was was the year for big changes in Cuba and it was all about money.

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Just a day later, President Obama announced normalization of relations with Cuba and the opening of a US Embassy in Havana after decades of absence. Havana was founded in a previous Saturn transit of Sagittarius indicating life altering changes in the couple years to come.

As I say in my Oracles lecture: everything will have two modes: real and virtual. Google has seen this in the surprise positive sales reaction to its minimal virtual reality headset. The question to weigh is better a liar or a true believer.

Stars of the Lyre

As I predicted, Jupiter is settling into Leo and the increased confidence and sense of wealth felt by people translates into improved business and spending as shown by increases in hiring and a drop in unemployment. The article claims the Fed may raise interest rates by mid The stars say probably fall when Saturn settles into a two year transit in expansive Sagittarius. The NYT reports today that household wealth is at a record high, 4 percent above the previous high in The stars agree, as I predicted last year. With Jupiter in Leo, confidence and optimism are seeping into the public psyche and will become stronger by the end of the year when Saturn moves into Sagittarius.

It promises to be a prosperous Christmas season. It is boundariless; it is viral; it is irrational. Even the name is vague or shifting. Actions are taken to the brink to force dramatic change. Fanatical power plays are the norm. Explosive releases of anger are aimed at forcing change and freedom. The April Apocalypse was structured around the 5th of 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto that have been the core of the global upheaval occurring since The final one is in All this indicates that taking military action will be neither successful in the traditional sense, nor quick. Since , Libra — the sign of marriage — has been exceptionally active in that arena resulting in remarkable societal forward movement on same sex marriage.

First, the 30 months of Saturn in Libra brought the issue solidly into cultural and political action. I would predict it continues at least until the end of the year and then it picks up again in summer of before being resolved in some way. Tunnels as the target is also right in line with the astrology. The only action I would add given the cosmic pattern of the moment is some highly explosive and unexpected outcomes over the next three days.

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Stories about emerging virtual reality world are coming almost daily as Neptune continues its movement through Pisces — as predicted.