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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope: See What’s in Store for Your Zodiac Sign
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You try to keep doing tirelessly until the time According to Scorpio Horoscope , the year is going to bring a lot of happiness and prosperity to you. You will get new op Select Another Sign.

Scorpio Horoscope. I am : Man Woman. This is not a very favorable alliance as far as sign compatibility is concerned. There will be differences in their opinions This is one of the best combinations as far as sign compatibility is concerned. There will be a very good understanding betw This is not a very good coalition as far as Gunas are concerned.

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Both will be having bad temperaments and they get into argum This is not a good combination as far as sign compatibility is concerned. They may develop liking for each other after marri This is an excellent combination in accordance with sign compatibility.

The natives will stimulate each other's interests. This is a very high-quality partnership as far as Vrishchika Gunas are concerned. They will have an emotional harmony and un At times, the natives may have some issues in adjusting with each other and therefore, they may be less affable toward one a This combination indicates a sensitive, psychic and emotional understanding between the natives.

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The boy would be able to so Scorpio Man - Sagittarius Woman. This is not a good combination in consideration with Vrischika Gunas. She may also find it difficult to adjust with him.

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Scorpio Man - Capricorn Woman. This is a favorable and good combination as far as Vrishchika Gunas are concerned.

Most of them can be short projects yet complicated as well. You may get a new project. Those who work in the medical and nutrition sector also will be busy. Stay away from unnecessary discussions at the workplace. Minor health issues can also be a part of this week.

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A new health regime or diet is seen. There can be some renovations in the workplace too. The Sun is moving through the most mysterious portion of your chart, which deals with your subconscious mind. This can be a cause of concern and you should stay calm and peaceful. Sleep issues are very much possible during this week.

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The Sun is an illuminating force and it is showing what your physical and emotional challenges are. You will prepare new plans and do some research. It also makes you more prone to allowing yourself to be seen and celebrated.


Your Scorpio weekly horoscope and sun sign astrology forecast by The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut, astrologers for ELLE and Refinery Your free weekly Scorpio forecast. Discover what the stars have in store for you this week plus premium extended forecast from Jessica Adams.

This is … Continued. As much as you may seek external guidance to help you get through this cluster of powerful shifts, … Continued.

Everything feels more passionate and in your face as the week begins, kind of like a dramatic play. ScorpioMystique Where Scorpios come to soar.

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This is a good time for healing and yoga-related matters. OCT 9, - Read full overview. You will appreciate every moment with them, and that will be enough to charge your batteries with emotion. If you've been searching to find free Scorpio weekly horoscopes , today is your lucky day! Thursday to Sunday brings emotional sensitivity and psychic perception. Talk to an astrologer Dr Yogita Sawhney 4.

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