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On both occasions, he had made his predictions days before the World Cup competitions had commenced. He was the former chief selector, who had picked out Virat Kohli as the star of the future and recommended him ahead of Subramaniam Badrinath of Chennai, who was in favour then.

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He, however, may never lead coach a team to a World Cup win. The form book would also agree since India has always beaten Pakistan in every World Cup meeting since , , , and If the two teams do meet in the World Cup as scheduled this is a political decision to be taken by the Government of India will India win the crucial match against Pakistan in the World Cup? For instance, no one predicted that Team India would win the World Cup in and they not only did that but also turned the cricket world upside down. India, who are one of two top favourites along with England in , have the skills and may defy the stars too.

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Astrologers vs poll pundits: Whom should you believe this election season? Karan and Raj become inseparable friends, and Raj moves in to live with Karan, much to the chagrin of the Thapar family who shuns and dislike Raj. Astrology helps you to take every step of you in the present perfectly so that you can achieve success in your future. As per Taurus horoscope, you may have difficulties due to difference of opinion between yourselves and your relatives. Daku Shaitan Singh Zarina Wahab Due to a huge failure of the movie at the box office, the car was never launched.

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Prediction on:- Raj Thackeray’s political career by Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma (8th June 2019)

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The latest Tweets from Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma (@rajsharma62). Vedic Astrologer | Face Reader. Mumbai, India. Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma Ji is a an internationally acclaimed astrologer, recognized for his accurate predictions, gesture readings and exceptional knowledge.