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In this early Christian painting we can see that Aquarius John the baptist is at Jesus's feet holding his jug of water just like Aquarius is most often depicted, and the 2 fishes of Pisces are there as well. Jesus is walking on water, which is symbolic of the Milky way.

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The other figures probably have some astrological meaning. It predates the written word and began developing as humans settled down, started growing crops and forming stationary communities etc They had no way to know that they lived on a planet or that the sun was this gigantic star or that the stars were billions of light years apart. Anyway, it is bullshit but very old bullshit. Astronomical events and astrology. Whereas an astologer might say that an eclipse with the moon and sun both in Leo portends such and such, based on the esoteric implications of applying the symbology of the moon, the sun, and the sign Leo, a primitive culture might instead make up a story about a monkey eating a parrot, based on their fears and inner psyche connections to the event.

After all, an eclipse is a real event, and was greeted by fear back in the day, and even in these modern times is viewed with a sense of awe, wonder and respect. The last supper being an allegory for something is much less believable than it being a historical account of someone who didn't exist have a meal before their death and resurrection? Maybe the OP has the wrong allegory, but the resurrection story is the one that is lacks verisimilitude. From the start the Christian Church strongly opposed the false teachings of astrology. The Fathers energetically demanded the expulsion of the Chaldeans Aguila Ponticus was expelled from the Christian communion about the year , on account of his astrological heresies.

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The early Christians of Rome, therefore, regarded the astrological as their bitterest and, unfortunately, their too powerful enemies The conversion of Constantine the Great put an end to the importance of this so-called science, which for five hundred years had ruled the public life of Rome. In Constantine issued an edict threatening all Chaldeans, Magi, and their followers with death. Astrology now disappeared for centuries from the Christian parts of Western Europe Michael Molnar, formerly of Rutgers..

The event would nevertheless have been of great significance to ancient Roman astrologers. After studying the symbolism on Roman coins, he concluded that the "star" was in fact a double eclipse of Jupiter in a rare astrological conjunction that occurred in Aries on 20 March, 6 BC, and again on 17 April, 6 BC Now he says he has found it, in the Mathesis, a book written by Maternus in AD According to Molnar, early Christians hated pagan beliefs and did not want to justify the Biblical story with astrological mumbo-jumbo. The idea that the stars govern our fate flew in the face of belief in a Christian God as the controlling force in the Universe.

Orion has three stars that make it's waist. These three stars were the 3 kings, the magi, the 3 wise men etc.. Virgo is the Virgin Mary, Boots, Joseph etc.. The story took place in the constellations, not on earth. But, then again, the entire story may have been embellished in an attempt to conform more to Old Testament prophecy. Most likely, the story was simply made up to coincide with the zodiac and to mark the beginning of the age of Pisces, the fishes.

Telescopes weren't invented for another 1, years. The Moon, and the planets known in antiquity, are easily seen without telescopes, when they can be seen Observability of events typically depends on the viewing location and time of day. Just something I read on Wikipedia.

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I cant vouch for it because I'm no expert. But, Michael Molnar never said that anyone actualy observed this event. He only said that Maternus said that those conditions were conducive to the birth of a "divine and immortal" person. Like you said, the ancients were very familiar with the planets, the Moon, the Sun etc..

Mars was called Mars, Venus, Venus etc.. If this event were to have been observed, I don't think they would have confused it with a star. The claim that they were hiding this event doesn't sound reasonable to me either. It's quite plausible that someone looking regularly at the sky in antiquity might have certain expectations of celestial events, based on a sort of dead-reckoning that was often but not always correct and so might have anticipated some events that were barely observable because they occurred near the horizon and close to sunrise or sunset.

Astrological allegory's were common practice 's even 1,'s of years ago. Some were written stories, some were carved in stone, others were artwork on vases and mosaics etc This wood cut printed astrological allegory tells the story of the conception of Orion c. It's a visual story. The fathers are left to right Apollo, Vulcan and Mercury conceiving in a ox hide. It tells a story of the sun rising, being pulled across the sky on a horse drawn chariot.

The other figures in the astrological allegory represent the star Sirius, which is depicted here as the dog, Orion and the Moon, which is represented here as the horse and rider. These are visual astrological allegory, while The Bible is an example of a written version. They're everywhere in the ancient world. This is only related in that it is astronomical, but I've wondered if Lucifer's being "cast out of heaven" was some astronomical reference to Venus having an inferior orbit in relation to the other planets. What sort of explanation might an ancient give to account for it's "different" movement?

Any adult knows very well the days get shortest in the early winter, and get longer after that.

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You don't need to be literate to know that, or have any kind of myth - just basic observance of your surroundings. The last supper story in the Bible is derived from an ancient Pagan ritual celebrating the harvest Northern hemisphere harvest is around autumn - a time of year that has nothing to do with Easter, Passover, the winter solstice or anything else you mention. Christianity is based on the sun worshiping cult of the Hebrews Far from worshipping the sun, the Hebrews were against using real objects to represent their God, in quite a major way.

Again, you're at the wrong time of year. Passover and Easter are around the time of the vernal equinox, as you later admit. But you don't seem to have grasped that this makes your theory look ridiculous. And when does the sun 'gather' the signs of the zodiac? It doesn't. It visits them one by one. Your allegory is wrong.

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When the sun Jesus was in the house of Scorpio Judas If you define the constellation areas with the vernal equinox moving at around 1AD from Aries into Pisces, then the sun enters Scorpio 7 months after that, and leaves it one month later - nowhere near any soltice or equinox. Why are you bringing Scorpio into it? Are we now equating the vernal equinox, the winter solstice and the point midway between the atumnal equinox and the winter solstice? Is there any time of year you're not going to drag into this?

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You appear to have got hold of the wrong end of things here. You've mixed up several humdrum annual events that happen every year, and you call this 'foretelling'? Your divinatio standards are appallingly low.

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Remind me of his dates, again. If you could imagine a circle OK. What's that got to do with a table in which they're all in a straight line? If you drew 6 lines, you'd have the hour marks on a clock! Oh - if you divide it with 4 lines, then refer them to the zodiac, you'd get one point in the middle of Scorpio.

Sure you wouldn't rather use that instead? There were many questions very early on about that too.

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The waning 28 day-old Moon rises AM Tuesday. The best time to view it is in the dawn sky when it is highest and relatively free from the distorting effects of our atmosphere. In the second experiment, a group of astrologers were given packets that included a horoscope and three CPI profiles, and asked to match the horoscope to the correct profile. The distances for each planet are: Mercury —. Only two of the 44 participants submitted the same seven solutions, but their seven choices for best fit were no better than chance. The best time to look for the Perseids is after moonset, which will be around am on Friday morning. Free, romantic, musical greeting cards for love, romance, a site for the romantic, with love horoscopes, love tests, love coupons, midis, love profiles and much more.

Vast amounts of information, that would prove Christianity was based on astrology, was lost because the early Christians destroyed it. They saw that they were in danger of becoming just another Sun worshiping cult, like the dozens all around them that came and went, so they suppressed, burned, destroyed and killed thousands and thousands to hide it. The Church kept December 25th as the birth day celebration of Jesus, but moved the death to the vernal equinox, because that time was widely celebrated by Pagans in fertility rites and so forth.

It may have been a blending of various astrological cults as well.

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As far as you attempting to ridicule this very real probability. That grown educated adults believe such silly fairytales is what's ridiculous. OK, you've strung us all along. Now you've admitted it was all just a joke on your part. We fell for it. No, I am an atheist, but I tend to think people's grand theories on how there are hidden meanings in the bible, whether supernatural or just "the real story behind X" are just as silly as the standard religious ones.

I failed to spot your spoof. Not that I say that was not possible but it would be interesting to know what kind of evidence is there to come to this conclusion.